George Town became a capital due to its advantageous. It provided a suitable point for the ships to dock since it possesses relatively deep water near the shores. Initially, George Town’s name was “Hogsties.” The town has its current location in Grand Cayman which is the largest island among the Cayman Islands.

The statistics in 2007 indicate that George Town had a population of 28,836. Consequently, it boasts of being the second largest city among the British Overseas Territories. According to the World Bank, the urban population of Cayman Islands in 2016 was 60,765. Most of the residents of Cayman Islands live in George Town. As of 2014, the urban population of George Town was 31,000.

Some of the common tourist activities in George Town include submarine tours, glass-bottom boat tours, snorkeling, scuba-diving, parasailing, and shopping among other activities. Seven Mile Beach is a host to numerous nightclubs and bars for nightlife. The grandest hotel on the island is the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman. Other tourist attraction sites include Stingray City, Atlantis Submarines, Cayman Turtle Farm, Pedro St. James National Historic Site, and Mastic Reserve and Trail.

George Town’s climate can be described as tropical marine. George town receives rainfall mostly between May and November which ranges between 150-222 mm. The dry season is filled relatively cool winters. During summer, the temperatures rise as high as 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The driest months in George Town are February and March. Besides the rainfall, the town also experiences hurricanes.

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