The flag of Bonaire was adopted on December 11, 1981, and has a yellow triangle in the upper left corner with a larger blue triangle one in the bottom right corner. A white stripe separates the two triangles and has a red pointed star within a black compass. Sint Eustatius’ flag was adopted on November 16, 2004, and has four blue polygons with fimbriated red, a white diamond at its center which has a green silhouette of the island within it and a five-pointed golden star. Saba adopted its flag on December 6, 1985. It has red and blue triangles and a white diamond with a five-pointed yellow star at the center.

On the flag of Bonaire, blue represents the sea, yellow represents the sun and local flowers, and the white represents peace and freedom. The compass represents its legendary sailors while the red six-pointed star represents the fighting and surviving spirit of its six traditional regions. On the St Eustatius flag, yellow symbolizes unity, blue is for the ocean, green for the quill, red is the flamboyant flower, and the diamond represents waterfall. The yellow on the flag of Saba symbolizes hope and Saba’s natural beauty, white symbolizes peace, friendship, and purity, and red represents the peoples’ unity, decisiveness, and courage. The color blue represents the sea.

A committee developed the flag of Bonaire with help from the noted vexillologist Whitney Smith in 1981. Zuwena Suares designed the flag of Sint Eustatius. A five-member committee chose the Saban flag made up of the chairman Will Johnson, as well AS Patsy Johnson, Frank Hassell, and Shirley Smith as members after a contest. 130 designs were submitted and the winning design chosen belonged to local 18-year old Edmond Daniel Johnson.

All three islands flew the flag of the Netherland Antilles before its dissolution on October 10, 2010. The flag was white with a horizontal blue stripe superimposed on a red vertical stripe. At its center were six white, five-pointed stars on the blue stripe. One of the stars was dropped in 1986 after one of its members, Aruba, left the Netherland Antilles.

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