The flag of Argentina is made up of 3 horizontal stripes that have the same measurements. The top and bottom stripe are light blue in color, while the middle stripe is white. In the center of the white band is a symbol of the sun, known as the Sun of May. The national flag of Argentina was first raised in August of 1812. It was not officially adopted, however, until 1816, when Argentina gained its independence from Spain. Just 2 years later, in 1818, the Sun of May was added to the center of the flag.

The color scheme of the flag of Argentina is said to resemble those used by Argentinian freedom fighters during the 19th century. The meaning of the light blue and white colors is not certain, although many individuals suggest that the blue represents the sky or the Rio de la Plata, an important river in Argentina. Other interpretations suggest that the white color is meant to represent the metal silver, which the first Spanish colonists believed could be found in great quantities here. The sun icon in the middle of the flag represents Inti, the principal god of the Incas.

The flag of Argentina was first designed by Manuel Belgrano, a revolutionary military leader during the country’s fight for independence. He is also responsible for creating the Cockade of Argentina, the colors used by the revolutionary fighters, when he realized that both the patriots and the Spanish colonialists were using the same colors. His cockade was approved in February of 1812 and less than two weeks later, he created the flag. This flag was first raised on August 23, 1812, during the Battle of Huaqui. This act was in defiance of government orders at the time, which were trying to prevent an independentist movement.

Most depictions of the historic moment on August 23, 1812 show the flag as it looks today, with 3 horizontal stripes of the same size. Historians, however, suggest that a different design was used. This older flag is referred to as the Flag of Macha, which was discovered in 1885. Only two versions of this flag exist, one is kept in Bolivia and one is kept in Argentina. The Flag of Macha had the same color scheme, but the stripes ran vertically with two white stripes on the edges and a blue stripe in the center.

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