The continent of Antarctica had no official flag for several years although one particular design was in use in the continent. This situation came to an end in 2002 when the continent adopted the current flag. The flag consists of two colors blue and white. The flag's background is blue while the continent's map is white in the middle of the flag.

The different colors on the flag have different meaning and the blue background color on the flag stands for neutrality. The neutrality element behind the blue color represents the continents several territories present today. White color stands for the snow and ice a common feature in Antarctica environment. The two colors on the flag represent the continent well.

Graham Bartram designed the current official flag of Antarctica. He is the chief vexillologist of flag institute. The design of the flag is based on the United Nations flag. Apart from Bartram design, there is also another flag design that was proposed by Whitney Smith. The design features an orange background with three elements in white a big letter A and a bowel placed on two hands. The orange color used on the flag contrasts well with snow making the flag’s design unique. The other color is white, and it represents snow and ice.

Antarctica did not have an official flag before the current flag was adopted in 2002. Some of the regions in the continent used the same flag while other regions which are territories of foreign countries had flags of their home countries. Some of the countries that have territories in Antarctica are Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Norway, Argentine, Britain, and France among others. The flags used under these territories are of their motherland while others have some additional elements on the flags.

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