The national flag of Zambia is characterized by its kelly green color, which covers the majority of its background. In the right upper corner, this flag has an emblem of an African fish eagle. This bird symbol, which is orange in color, can be seen in a flying position. Below the eagle, a tricolor, vertical rectangle is located. From left to right, the color of these stripes are: red, black, and orange. The current version of the national flag of Zambia was adopted in 1996, when a few changes were made to the first official flag from October 24, 1964.

Each of the colors on the flag of Zambia has a special meaning for the country. The red color is said to represent the fight for independence, while the black stripe symbolizes the people of Zambia. The wide variety of natural resources found in this country are also symbolized by the flag. The green color, for example, stands for the local vegetation, and the orange color stands for the copper deposits found here. The African fish eagle is an import symbol here and used on several national emblems, like the coat of arms. It is said to represent the strength and upward mobility of Zambia.

The current design of the flag of Zambia was based on the flag of the United National Independence Party (UNIP). This political party is credited with initiating the independence movement while Zambia was still under British colonial rule. At this time, the country was still known as Northern Rhodesia. The principal colors utilized on the UNIP flag were the same green and red colors seen on the flag of Zambia today.

Prior to its independence on October 24, 1964, Zambia was under British colonial rule. Because of this political affiliation, the flag used to symbolize the country was similar to the flag of the UK. Between 1890 and 1924, Zambia flew the flag of the British South Africa Company, which was the Union Jack flag with a lion in a white disc situated at its center. From 1924 to 1964, the flag of Zambia was blue in color with a small UK flag in the upper left corner. It also had a black and white striped coat of arms with an African fish eagle at its top.

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