As a French Collectivity, Wallis and Futuna is under the governorship of France. As such, the French constitution of September 28, 1958, governs the region. Under the French constitution, the president is elected democratically by the people. At the same time, France also has a Prime Minister who is appointed by the president. Locally, the territory is split into three traditional kingdoms, each with a king. The kingdoms are Uvea, Sigave, and Alo. A high administrator is appointed by the French President upon advisement by the French interior ministry. The territory has a council made up of the three kings and three people appointed by the high administrator.

The president of France is elected by the citizens after the tenure of five years ends. Previously, the term for the president was seven years. According to the constitution, the president can serve for a maximum of two terms. The prime minister is then appointed by the president and serves for as long as parliament has confidence in the leadership. The citizens also elect the members of the National Assembly every five years. The Senate members have six-year terms. As per the constitution, any French citizen above the age of eighteen is legally allowed to vote. The territory also elects representatives to the French Senate.

The Palais Bourbon is the name of the French parliament building. The building is situated in the 7thadministrative district of Paris. Originally built in 1722 by Louise-Francoise de Bourbon, it was nationalized during the times of the French Revolution. From 1848, the French president’s official house is the Elysee Palace in Paris. The Prime Minister’s official residence is the Hotel Matignon which is also situated in the 7th administrative district of Paris. The building for the assembly of French Polynesia is in Tahiti at the Place Tarahoi while the local bureaucracy building is in Mata-Utu, the capital of the region.

French political parties are active in Wallis and Futuna. Some of these parties include the People's Union for Wallis and Futuna, the Sigave National Association, and the Voice of the Wallis and Futuna Peoples.

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