Vatican City is the capital as well as the largest city of the Holy See. Vatican is an ancient city, though it officially became autonomous in 1929 through the Lateran Treaty with Italy. Vatican lies in the middle of Rome (an enclave) within the area that previously was part of the municipal territory of the city of Rome. Mons Vaticanus (Vatican Hill) lies to the west of the city.

The Vatican has approximately 800 residents, all living inside the enclave and other properties of the state in Italy and around the world that enjoy the status similar to foreign embassies globally. Of the total residents, 450 are citizens of the state of whom almost half reside outside the enclave. As of 2013, there were only 30 female citizens. Non-citizen residents only have the permission to live in the city without the benefits of citizenship. Unlike most countries where people get citizenship through birth, registration or marriage, the Vatican issues citizenship upon appointment. Citizens are either clergy, officials of the state, or the Swiss Guards. Approximately 2,400 people who work in the city on a daily basis live outside the enclave. Citizenship extends to the parents, spouse, and children of the appointed citizen for the period he or she is an employee. All lose this citizenship upon termination of employment. Those who lose citizenship but do not have any other citizenship automatically become Italian citizens.

The Vatican has many religious and historical attractions popular with tourists all year round. Most of the buildings are artistic and have art by famous artists like Michelangelo. There are several gardens, monuments, palaces, and buildings. These are St. Peters Basilica, Apostolic Palace, Sistine Chapel, Gallery, and Vatican Library among others.

The Vatican has a temperate climate just like the surrounding Rome. September to May experiences rain and snow whereas from May to August, the weather is mostly hot and dry. Because the city is built on an underlying stone that reflects heat thus making the temperatures uncomfortably high, most locals leave in August, the hottest month. Autumn weather is cool and chilly. Spring month of April has the most stable temperature.

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