The capital city of Vanuatu is called Port Vila. The capital is also the largest city in Vanuatu. Port Vila is located on the south coast on the island of Etafe in Shefa Province. The path of the city to becoming the capital can be traced back to the year 1606 when Europeans first arrived at the island. The land around Port Vila was cleared with the goal of creating a huge plantation. However, the cleared land was developed and became a municipality called Franceville. In the 18th century, both the French and the British administered the territory which later became an Australian and American airbase during World War II.

As per the 2009 census, the population of the city is approximately 45,000 people. This population translates to roughly 18% of Vanuatu’s population. The previous census of 1999 placed the population at 29,356 people.

The town of Port Vila is quite well preserved and pleasant to walk around. In addition, the capital is home to the National Audiovisual Archives of Vanuatu.

Port Vila is characterized by a tropical rainforest climate with high humidity for most of the year. In a year, rainfall averages around 94 inches with April being the wettest month and September being the driest month.

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