The capital city of Tonga is Nuku’alofa. Its location is on the northern coast of the largest island in Tonga called Tongatapu. The topography of the city is a flat and low terrain with an average altitude of 10 feet above the sea level. Nuku’alofa became the capital city of Tonga in 1875 following the formalization of its constitution.

As of 2012, the population of Nuku’alofa was 24,571.

The city of Nuku’alofa’s dazzling white beaches, world-class opportunities for snorkeling, charming cafes, and many churches are great attractions for tourists. Its small size makes it possible for visitors to walk around it in just a day. Some of the top places that tourists visit while in Nuku’alofa are the Royal Palace, the Village of Houma, the National Cultural Center, and the Maui’s Burden.

The climate of Nuku’alofa is predominantly tropical marine. The city rarely experiences typically dry seasons where rainfall falls below 60 mm. The average annual rainfall received by Nuku’alofa is 1,700 mm. The temperatures are warm between January and February (25 degrees Celsius) compared to June and July (21 degrees Celsius).

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