The current flag of Sudan was recognized as the official national flag on May 20, 1970. Its size proportions are 1 to 2, width to length. The flag of Sudan is characterized by three horizontal stripes of differing colors, known as a tricolor. From top to bottom, these colors are: red, white, and black. A green triangle is located along its left hand side, turned so that its tip points toward the center of the flag and its base runs along the side. The President uses the same flag, but with a golden eagle emblem at the center of the white stripe.

The colors of the flag of Sudan have a unique meaning and each one is linked to the Pan-Arab movement, a nationalistic ideology designed to bring Arab-identifying countries together. The black stripe is said to stand for the name of the country itself; sudan means black in the Arab language. The white stripe represents peace and was inspired by the White Flag League, which was a group that rebelled against colonial rule in 1924. The green color on this flag is meant to symbolize Islam as well as the agricultural riches found here. Finally, the red stripe represents the blood lost during the fight for independence.

In 1956, Sudan gained its independence from the UK and Egypt. At this time, however, it raised a different flag than what is seen today. In the late 1960’s, a revolutionary movement began in this country aimed at uniting Sudan with the rest of the Arab world. When this Arab-nationalist government took power of the country, it created the current flag by basing its design on the flags of the Arab Liberation and the Arab Revolt.

Sudan has had a number of flag designs throughout the years. From 1899 until 1956, this country was considered a political territory of both the UK and Egypt. As such, the flags of both ruling countries were flown together to represent Sudan. When this country gained its independence, the government identified a horizontal tri-color of equally measured stripes as its national flag. The colors of the first flag of independent Sudan were, from top to bottom, blue, yellow, and green. This flag design was utilized to represent the country until the change in government of 1969. The current design was implemented in 1970.

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