The island of Sint Maarten has a governor and a prime minister. The governor represents the Dutch monarch as well as the interest of the kingdom in the island. The governor is also the head of state while the Prime Minister is the head of the government. The governor, prime minister, and council members form the executive arm of government. The government handles all the internal affairs of the island while the monarch takes care of all foreign affairs.

What Does the Election Process Look Like?

The legislative house of Sint Maarten is located across the courthouse in Philipsburg. Apart from that people can follow the proceedings through several channels. Some of the channels include live streaming, pearl radio FM 98.1, and cable TV and through the Facebook page.

Where Is the House of Paliament Found?

The King appoints the governor of Sint Maarten for a term of six years. The term of the governor can be extended for another six years by the King. Voters elect the prime minister and the 15 members of the council for a four-year term.

What Are the Political Parties of the Country?

Major political parties in Sint Maarten include the Democratic Party, the National Alliance, the People's Progressive Alliance, and the United People's Party.

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