The flag of Sint Maarten has two horizontal stripes of red and blue with a white triangle facing inside. On the triangle is the court of arms. The red stripe is above the blue stripe. The court of arms comprises of the following elements: a scroll written Semper Progrediens, a brown pelican bird flying on a sun, white courthouse, a monument, and yellow sage flowers. An orange border surrounds all the elements in the court of arms. Saint Maarten flag was adopted on June 13, 1985, while the court of arms was adopted in November 1982.

The red color on the flag symbolizes courage and solidarity. The blue color stands for the sky and sea. The white color represents faith and purity. The words Semper Progrediens on the scroll are Latin words which mean always progressing. The white court symbolizes Sint Maarten courthouse in the capital city. The brown pelican bird is the national bird of Sint Maarten.

Miss Roselle Richardson designed the flag of Sint Maarten. At that time of designing the flag, she was only 17 years old, and her design was chosen among 115 other designs. The designing of the flag was a competition among the residents. She was able to mix the colors well making the flag simple. Her choice of elements for the flag makes it easy for the locals to relate with the flag. The simplicity of the colors and elements used to design the flag with prompted the government to choose her design.

Sint Maarten is a Caribbean island nation, which is a constituent country of the Kingdom of Netherlands, but was part of the Netherlands Antilles until 2010 when it was dissolved. The flag was comprised of three colors of red, blue, and white. The whole background was in white with red and blue colors crossing each other in the middle of the flag. The blue color was on top of the red stripe. The blue color had five stars forming a circle. The flag was used until Sint Maarten got its current flag

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