The flag of Seychelles consists of five oblique stripes, meaning their sides are neither parallel or at a right angle, of green, white, red, yellow, and blue. All five of the stripes begin in the bottom left-hand corner and get wider towards the right-hand side, this is known as radiating in flag terminology. This flag was officially adopted on 18 June 1996 and is the third used in Seychelles since independence was gained from the United Kingdom on 29 June 1976.

The shape of the bands in this flag are symbolic of a country moving into the future and the colors also have important meaning. Blue is representative of the sea and sky, yellow is a symbol of the sun, green depicts the natural environment of the country, the white is used to represent social harmony and fairness, and red depicts the people of the nation and their spirit. The colors used in the flag of Seychelles are also the colors of the two major political parties of the country, the Seychelles Democratic Party and the Seychelles People's United Party.

The National Symbols Bill, 1996, provided the framework for the design and implementation of this flag. After the Seychelles People's United Party, which had dominated the political landscape for a few decades, lost the elections of 1996, this led to the adoption of the new flag. The parliament of Seychelles approved the new design and implemented it on National Day (18 June).

As mentioned earlier, the current flag is the third in the history of an independent Seychelles. The flag used from 1977-1996 consists of two horizontal bands of red and green with a white wavy stripe separating the stripes. The flag used from June 1976 until June 1977 consists of a white diagonal cross that divides four coloured triangles. The top and bottom triangles are blue and the left and right-hand sides consist of red triangular fields. There were also two different flags of Seychelles used under British rule and these flags were used between 1903-1961 and 1961-1976.

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