San Marino’s capital city is the City of San Marino, otherwise known as Città by the locals. This site has served as the capital ever since the republic was first established. Situated on the west side of Monte Titano, the City of San Marino overlooks the 6.2 square mile countryside and is surrounded by three towers and a stone wall. The origins of the small city can be traced back to 301when it was founded by Saint Marinus as a refuge for Christians fleeing hostile Roman forces.

In 2013, the population of the City of San Marino was estimated to be 4,128 with a population density of 1,508 inhabitants per square mile. Although small in terms of geographical area the city is divided into seven wards (or parishes). They are Santa Mustiola, Cà Berlone, Canepa, Murata, Casole, Castellaro, and Montalbo.

San Marino is a scenic city which is popular with tourists and in 2008 was even named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With a majestic one of a kind view of the Italian picturesque countryside of San Marino is visited by approximately two million tourists per year. The city is steeped in history and culture with origins dating back to 301 AD. La Rocca, the oldest of the city’s three towers was built in the 11th century and served as a prison until 1970.

The City of San Marino’s climate can be described as being oceanic and Mediterranean in nature. This means that it experiences cool winters and warm summer seasons. The coolest months are usually December through February, where the warmest months are July and August.

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