The political system of Saint Helena is considered an environment of limited self-governance as a dependent of the United Kingdom. Since 2009, Saint Helena has been subject to its present constitution that vests legislative power in the Governor of Saint Helena and the Legislative Council. The Governor of Saint Helena is the head of government, holding executive power and representing the United Kingdoms monarchy and government.

Elections in Saint Helena for the legislative council take place every four years, the most recent taking place in 2017. The country is divided into eight districts but during elections is considered one electorate. The Governor is appointed by the monarch of the United Kingdom on advice from the government and the longest terms have lasted five years.

The parliament of Saint Helena, known as the Legislative Council of Saint Helena, consists of 15 seats. 12 of these seats are elected for a four-year term and the remaining three are appointed by the Governor and consist of individuals who have previously held office. Important positions within the legislative council include the Chief Secretary, Sheriff, Attorney General, and the Administrators of Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha.

There are no political parties in Saint Helena.

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