Saint Barthelemy became a French Overseas Collectivity in July 2007. The President of France is its Head of State, and a local prefect represents him. The island’s Head of Government is the President of the Territorial Council. The Legislature consists of a Territorial Council which is made up of 19 members. The Executive is made of the Head of State as well as his prefect, the Head of Government and an Executive Council which is made up of 8 members who are chosen by the Territorial Council. The Economic, Social, and Cultural Council serves as an advisory body to the Territorial Council.

The citizens of the nation of France elect their President, who is also the Head of State of Saint Barthelemy, through a popular vote to a five-year term. He is only eligible to serve two terms. The Territorial Council is elected by the citizens of Saint Barthelemy through popular vote. The members of the Council then choose the President from amongst themselves. The members and the President serve for five years. A Senator is sent to represent the island in the French Parliament.

The Territorial Council holds its meetings in the Hotel de la Collectivité. It used to be known as the Hotel de Ville, and it was previously used as the town hall when Saint Barthelemy was part of the French Overseas Department of Guadeloupe. The Hotel de la Collecivité is located in La Pointe Gustavia.

The political parties of Saint Barthelemy include Saint Barth First! (Saint-Barth d'abord!), All United for Saint Barthelemy (Tous unis pour Saint Barthélemy) , Action Balance and Transparence (Action Équilibre et Transparence), and Together for Saint Barthelemy (Ensemble pour St-Barthélemy).

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