The Pitcairn Islands is designated as a dependency with an elected mayoralty. The government operates as a constitutional monarchy under the rule of Queen Elizabeth II. Officially known as the Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands these four islands lie in the South Pacific Ocean and are scattered over an area of hundreds of miles.

Elections take place in the Pitcairn Islands according to the requirements inherent in its political status as a parliamentary representative democratic dependency. The Deputy Mayor as well as the Councilors all serve terms of two years. The Mayor of the Pitcairn Islands is elected to serve a three year term and can only be reelected once more. It’s the responsibility of the Governor to appoint the Administrator who can serve for an indefinite term.

The legislature of the Pitcairn Islands is known as the Island Council. As of 2013 the ten member Council is made up of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Councilors. Non-voting members of this governmental body include the Administrator, Governor, and Deputy Governor. The Island Council doesn’t meet anywhere on the Pitcairn Islands but rather conducts government business in Auckland, New Zealand.

There are no political parties in the Pitcairn Islands.

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