The capital of the overseas British territory of the Pitcairn Islands is Adamstown. This “city” also has the distinction of being the only settlement to be found on the Pitcairn Islands. It is classified as the capital city not because of typical factors such as location or population but rather because of the absence of any other town or local village. Adamstown is situated on the central northern side of Pitcairn Island, which is the only island out of the region’s four such land masses that is populated. Adamstown is located toward the ocean and close to Bounty Bay, the island’s sole seaport.

As of 2013 the total population of Adamstown was fifty six. It should be noted, however, that this number represents the entire population of the Pitcairn Islands. Although the majority of the residents living in Adamstown make their homes in the small settlement they typically must travel to various other areas of the island in order to grow food and raise crops. Adamstown is the second smallest capital city in the world. The only capital with fewer residents is King Edward Point located on the United Kingdom territory of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands which is home to a mere eighteen inhabitants.

Adamstown is not a popular location for tourists. Its main draw is the town’s connection to the 1789 saga involving the mutiny of the British ship The Bounty. A local museum, opened in 2006, is home to a Bible which was taken from off that famous ship. After spending 110 years as the property of the Connecticut Historical Society in the United States this religious book was returned to Pitcairn in 1950 where it is currently on display and carefully preserved under glass.

Because of its location in the South Pacific Adamstown has a climate which is classified as tropical rainforest in nature. Year round weather conditions are typically humid and warm. Average high temperatures range from 72F to 82F. Lows can fluctuate anywhere between 64F and 73F. It is during the month of July when Adamstown receives the most rainfall with an average of approximately 10.7 inches of precipitation.

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