The Tagalog language is an Austronesian language. The Austronesian language family are a group of languages spoken throughout the insular regions of Southeast Asia, islands in the Pacific Ocean, and Madagascar.

While Tagalog (Filipino) is the national language, and one of the official languages of The Philippines, Tagalog is spoken by 24.4 percent of the nation's population. The Tagalog language is related to several other languages classified as "Philippine languages" by linguist Robert Blust. The 2nd most spoken first language is Cebuano, which is spoken on the island of Cebu. Cebuano, like Tagolog, is an Austronesian language. Most of the languages spoken in The Philippines are Austronesian languages. Even though English is considered an official language of The Philippines, 99 percent of English speakers in The Philippines do not speak it as a first language. There are 19 languages that are recognized as regional languages. With the nation, there are 182 languages spoken.

"Mabuhay" means "welcome" in Tagalog. To say "how are you?", one can simply say "musta?"

The languages spoken throughout The Philippines can vary based on where people live or by ethnicity. In the province of Cebu, Cebuano is spoken. Cebuano is also spoken in Bohol, the southern portion of Masbate, and other regions in the southern parts of The Philippines. The Ilocano language is a local language spoken mainly in the island of Luzon. This language is spoken by the Ilocanos, who live mainly in the Ilocos region of The Philippines.

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