The national flag of Pakistan is known as the Flag of the Crescent and Star. In the national anthem, it is described as the leader of progress and ascent. The flag was adopted on August 11, 1947 during a Constituent Assembly meeting. When the country became independent from British India four days later, it became the flag of the Dominion of Pakistan. The flag features a vertical white bar at the hoist and a dark green field with a five-rayed star and crescent moon at the center. The distinctive shade of green in the Pakistani flag is known as Pakistan green, and its code in the Hex Color Code Schemes is #060.

The green color in the national flag of Pakistan represents Islam as majority of the people in the country are Muslims. The Dominion of Pakistan was established as an independent country for Indian Muslims who wished to carve out of British India. The white stripe, which occupies the left side of the flag, represents minority religions and religious minorities in the nation. The Pakistani flag, therefore, symbolizes the country’s devotion to the religion of Islam and its commitment to uphold the rights of religious minorities. The star and crescent moon are a symbol of light and progress.

The flag was designed by Syed Ameer ud din Kedwaii, who was an active member and one of the top leaders of the Pakistan Movement. The flag draws its inspiration from the flag of the political party called the All-India Muslim League. The party advocated for the formation of the country of Pakistan from the British Indian Empire. Kedwaii was a member of the party’s council. The Constituent Assembly of Pakistan, which was the first parliament of the country and the body that drafted its first constitution adopted Kedwaii’s design shortly before the nation’s independence in 1947. The standard proportion of the flag is 3:2, but Pakistan’s interior ministry specifies four other dimensions for the flag in various circumstances.

The country has retained its national flag since its adoption in 1947. Before Pakistanis gained independence, the nation, together with India, constituted the British Indian Empire. The flag of the territory was a red ensign with the Star of India on the fly and the Union Flag in the top left corner. The flag was among a group of flags called the Star of India, and it was lowered on August 15, 1947 when both India and Pakistan became independent Dominions.

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