Mozambique has a tricolored flag of green, black, and yellow colors. The black stripe is in between two thin white stripes. On the hoist side, the flag has a red chevron with four elements of a white book, a hoe, a gun, and a five-pointed yellow star. The flag was officially adopted on May 1, 1983. The flag of Mozambique is among the few countries in the world with a modern gun on their national flag.

The green color on the flag stands for the land. Black represents the African people while red is a symbol of the blood shed during the struggle for independence. The yellow color is a symbol of all mineral deposits in Mozambique. The gun on the flag shows Mozambique's readiness to defend its borders. The white book is a symbol of education while the hoe represents agriculture. Finally, the white color on the two thin bands is a symbol of peace.

The current flag of Mozambique was designed based on colors used by the Mozambican Liberation Front (FRELIMO). Since its adoption, the flag has been in use. In 2005, a new flag was born out of a competition out of some voices spoke out against the use of the gun on the flag. This led to a contest where 199 entries were received. From the entries, one design was chosen, but the government refused to adopt the flag. The government instead maintained the use of the old flag.

Apart from the flag used during colonial rule, Mozambique has only used one other flag. The flag was used after gaining independence from the Portuguese. It had diagonal bands of green, red, black, and yellow. Thin white stripes separated the black and red bands. The upper left corner on the hoist side had a white cogwheel with three elements of a book, gun, and five-pointed star. This flag was used for a short period before the stripes were rearranged from the diagonal position to the current horizontal position with the addition of the chevron.

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