Montserrat is one of the overseas territories of the UK and the head of state is Queen Elizabeth II. The crown is represented in Montserrat by a governor who is appointed by the British monarch. The appointed governor acts as the de facto chief of state in the island. The person in charge of government is a Premier who is chosen by the governor. The office of Premier replaced the office of the Prime Minister after approval of the 2011 constitution by the queen. The system of government in Montserrat is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy.

In Montserrat, universal suffrage was introduced in 1951, and this means that citizens at the age of 18 years and above are eligible to vote. Elections are conducted on a territorial level for members of the Legislative Assembly after every five years.

The parliament of Montserrat is called the Legislative Assembly. Following the implementation of the 2011 constitution, it was called the Legislative Council. The parliamentary system in the island is unicameral and the Legislative Assembly comprises of eleven members. Nine of these members are elected directly in a single constituency by simple majority vote in two rounds for five year-term. Additionally, there is the financial secretary and attorney general who are ex-officio members. The seat of government is at Brades, which is the current capital of Montserrat.

The dominant political parties in Montserrat are the National Progressive Party, Montserrat Democratic Party, New People’s Liberation Movement, and Movement for Change and Prosperity.

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