The flag of Montserrat is comprised of the color blue, the UK flag and a coat of arms. The blue color covers the whole rectangular shape of the flag. The UK flag is in the upper left quadrant of the Montserrat flag. The coat of arms is centrally located on the flag. The coat of arms has a woman (Erin) in a green dress holding a huge cross and holding a yellow harp on the other hand. The flag was officially adopted in 1962.

The blue color on the flag represents determination, trustworthiness, righteousness, and awareness. The woman (Erin) symbolizes the freedom of Ireland. The cross stands for Christianity. The UK flag on the hoist side shows Montserrat is an independent state dependant on the UK. The coat of arms dates back to 1909.

The current Montserrat flag was made from the flag of the British Leeward’s Islands. The flag was adopted form the British flag but had a different badge. The badge was designed by the then Governor Sir Benjamin Pine. The islands that comprised of the British Leeward Island each had a different badge but the same flag design. The flag design is based on the Union Jack flag of the UK.

Montserrat is a free state but is dependant on the UK. It has had only one flag. The only difference comes in the form of the badge used. For instance, the badge, used in the Leeward’s Island was in the form of a white disc. On the white disc, there was a big pineapple with smaller ones, a big ship and another smaller and the crown of UK. The rest of the elements were the same as those of the current flag. The big pineapple on the disc badge symbolized the Governor himself while the three smaller ones represented his family. The disc badge was used until 1958.

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