The flag of Monaco has two bands of red and white colors, with red at the top and white at the bottom. The two bands are of equal width. The height to width ratio of the flag Monaco is 4 to 5. The red and white colors have been the heraldic colors of the Genoese family of Grimaldi since 1339. Although the early flags of Monaco displayed several graphic variations, the current bicolor flag was adopted on April 4, 1881, under the leadership of Prince Charles III.

What Do the Flag's Colors and Symbols Mean?

The red and white colors on the flag of Monaco are those of the ruling family of Grimaldi. The two colors have been in use since 1339, making the flag one of the oldest in the world. The flag is a great representation of the Principality of Monaco. The colors are based on the court of arms of Monaco. In the Shield of the Grimaldi’s family court of arm, the colors appear as diamond shaped patterns. The red and white colors were mainly used as a form of identity by the family. The red color represents the flesh of the human body while white represents the purity of the soul and spiritual life.

Who Designed the Flag?

The flag of Monaco, as we know it today, traces its origin from the House of Grimaldi in 1339. Monaco attained its independence in 1297 from Italy with the house of Grimaldi, a family of Italian origin, establishing it as a principality. The family shield had red and white diamond-shaped patterns. The current flag consisting of the horizontal bands of red and white was founded by Prince Charles III and was created based on the colors on the country’s court of arm. The current flag still resembles the old version with the only difference being that the older flag contained an older version of Monaco’s court of arm.

What Have Historical Versions of the Flag Looked Like?

The original flag of Monaco resembled the current state flag with the only difference being that the older flag bore the older version of the country’s court of arm. The original flag was used in the early days of Monaco (after independence from Italy) to the time it adopted the current flag. Another design, Lozenge design, comprising of diamond-shaped patterns of red and white, was mainly used by the House of Grimaldi.

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