The capital of Monaco is Monte Carlo, officially known as the administrative area of Monaco. Monte Carlo informally refers to the larger district of Monte Carlo Quarter. It is located at the below the Maritime Alps on the French Riviera. The western portion of Monte Carlo host the world’s popular Place du Casino, an international gambling center. The eastern part of the city encompasses the community of Larvotto. From the eastern border, one can cross into the French town of Beausoleil while the Italian border is to the west of the city.

Monte Carlo has a permanent population of approximately 3,500 people while the larger Monte Carlo Quarter has a population of approximately 15,000 people. The population of Monte Carlo represents approximately 40.8% of the population of Monaco. The Monte Carlo Quarter is the most populated of the four Quarters, followed by Monaco-Ville. The city of Monte Carlo is a preferred destination for both residents and visitors because of the vibrant life and extravagant display and reckless spending.

Monte Carlo is a city that is full of life and extravagant displays of wealth. Holding several posh casinos, it is a world’s famous gambling destination. Some of the frequented places in Monte Carlo include the Salle Garnier, a casino theater which hosts the Opera de Monte-Carlo. Monte Carlo also hosts most of the Circuit de Monaco which is famous for the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix. The city also hosts one of the most respected and longest running car rallies. Monte Carlo is also a leading tourist resort, although attractions such as Monaco Cathedral and the Napoleon museum are located in other parts of Monaco.

Anytime is a good time to visit Monte Carlo. The climate is typically Mediterranean in nature. The entire year is mild and a sunny weather for an average 300 days. Winters are fairly sunny although the season is really cold. The springtime is characterized by beautiful skies and plenty of sunshine and seasonally windy weather known locally as Le Mistral. Autumn is warm enough to soak up sun rays on the beaches. January is the coldest month in Monte Carlo with a minimum 100C and a maximum of 140C while August and September are the hottest months with a minimum temperature of 240 C and a maximum of 300 C.

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