The flag of Moldova is rectangular shaped with three vertical strips of three colors. On the side, the sequence of colors from the hoist side is blue, yellow, and red color. In the middle of the yellow strip, is the coat of arms of The Republic of Moldova. The coat of arms comprises a shield divided horizontally into two sections, the upper part is made of red chromatics and the lower one of blue chromatics. It has an aurochs head which has an eight-pointed star in the middle of its horns. On the right side of the auroch head lies a five-petalled rose and the left a slightly rotated crescent. The shield is positioned on the breast of an eagle. The eagle holds a golden cross in its beak, on its right claw, it holds green olive –tree branch and a golden scepter on its left claw. The flag was officially adopted on April 27, 1990. The flag is officially referred to as The State Flag of The Republic of Moldova.

The olive branch on the court of arm represents sovereignty and peace while the blue and red shield on the eagle’s chest is the traditional symbols of Moldova. the auroch head represents the strength, pride, and independence of The Republic of Moldova. The cross has a Christian connotation and is believed to be an Orthodox Christian church cross. The eagle is borrowed from the old Romanian coat of arms. The blue color symbolizes liberty while yellow stands for justice and the red color represent fraternity. The colors are similar to the national colors of Romanians symbolizing common origin.

The Moldovan flag was largely adopted from the already existing Romanian flag. The colors were first proposed by the National Commission of Heraldry, Genealogy, and Sigillography of Romania. One of the heralds who took part in the designing of the flag was called J.N Manescu. To mark its aspirations of becoming a sovereign state, the government of Moldova commissioned the design of a new flag. The design of the current flag was adopted by the government in 1990.

In 1917, the flag of Moldova was a tricolored with blue, yellow and red in horizontal format. The flag had the head of an aurochs, a type of ox once popular In Europe, that is now extinct. In 1952, a flag with a green stripe passing through the Centre of the Soviet Union red banner was adopted which was in use until the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 1990, a blue, yellow, and red vertical strip flag was used. The tricolor flag of blue, yellow, and red with a court of arm became the official flag in 1990.

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