Mayotte is a group of islands in the Indian Ocean located within the Comoros group of islands. The island was a French overseas collectivity from 1976 until March 31, 2011, when it changed to French overseas department. An overseas department is a region outside mainland France in Europe that uses the same political and legal system as France. The regions are independent though they participate in the politics of mainland France, they use the Euro as their currency, and they have representatives in the Senate and National assembly. The government of Mayotte can be described as a representative democracy. The island has a multiparty system and the head of the government is the General Council’s president, and the legislature is made up of the General Council.

The citizens of Mayotte elect the members of the legislature on a territorial level. There are 19 members in the General council elected for a 3-year term in single seat constituencies. The Island of Mayotte is a multiparty state with several parties and no single party standing a chance to win power on its own. Therefore, several parties often form coalitions to clinch power. Mayotte is allowed one Member of Parliament in the French National Assembly and two representatives in the Senate.

The General Council convenes at the Conseil General building along hospital road in the capital city, Mamoudzou. Most of the government departments such as health and education are located in Rue mariaze in Mamoudzou. There is no official presidential residence in the island as the head of state is the president of France who resides in France.

The political parties in Mayotte include Mahoran Departmentalist Movement; in the elections of 2004 the party won six out of 19 seats in the General Council and is the most popular party. Union for a Popular Movement got nine seats in the General Council. Socialist Party, Citizen and Republican Movement, Force of the Rally and the Alliance for Democracy, the party did not get any seat in the General Council and Mahore People’s movement, and the party won only one seat in the General Council in 2004.

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