Where is Mayotte?

Mayotte is an island nation.

The capital city of Mayotte is Mamoudzou. It is situated on the eastern side of Grand-Terre Island. It has been the capital since 1977. Before the year, the capital was Dzaoudzi, which also served as the capital of all Comoros islands during the colonial period. Although most capital cities have airports, Mamoudzou does not have one as the international airport of Mayotte is in Petite-Terre Island. Mamoudzou has a population of 57,281. The figure makes it the most populous in the Island of Mayotte. The city comprises of six villages with Kaweni village being the most populous with a population of 13,276 residents. The main tourist attraction sites within the city are the beautiful beaches, water activities like snorkeling, diving, scuba diving, boat or canoe rides to explore the beautiful lagoons and many more. The city of Mamoudzou experiences a tropical climate with rainfall from October to May with January being the wettest month. The hot season in the city starts from November to March. The city also experiences winds from May to August with an average speed of 8.6 miles per hour. The best month to visit the city is from mid-June to September when temperatures are favorable for outdoor activities.

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Mayotte is an African country covering 374.00 km2.. Mamoudzou is the capital city.

Its ISO code is YT.

Mayotte has a mean elevation of 0 m above sea level.

The French territory of Mayotte's official language is French. Although French is the official language, it is spoken by very few people. The most common language spoken is Shimaore, a local dialect. It is spoken by 55.1% of the population. Apart from the two languages, other languages on the island are Kibushi, Kiantalaotsi, Shimwali, Shindzwani, Arabic, Shingazidja among others. Most of these languages are local dialects of the main ethnic groups on the island. The local languages are the most widely spoken languages on the island. The most spoken languages are Shimaore at 55.1% and Shindzwani at 23.3%.

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The dialing code for the country is 262.

The currency of Mayotte is the Euro (EUR).

Mayotte is a group of islands located in the Indian Ocean within the Comoros Islands. In 2011, Mayotte gained the status of a French overseas department from French overseas collectivity since 1976. The island has a local government known as the General Council, and the Council’s president is the head of the government. The General Council makes up the legislature while the executive is made up of the head of state who is the president of France. The government of Mayotte is a representative democracy. National elections are carried out every three years on the island to elect members of the General Council. The Council has 19 members, one from each electoral constituency. The members are allowed three-year terms. Mayotte is allowed one Member of Parliament and two representatives in the French National Assembly and Senate respectively. The members of the General Council usually hold meetings at the Conseil General building in the capital of Mamoudzou. The island is a multiparty region having around seven political parties which at times merge to form coalitions.

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Mayotte is an overseas department of France and therefore uses the French national flag as its national flag. The French national flag is also known as the French Tricolor, and the current flag was officially adopted in 1830. The flag was designed by Lafayette in 1790 and later modified to its present form by Jacques-Louis David in 1794. The three colors of the flag are blue, white, and red. They are colors that were largely used in France’s history. The colors are at times assumed to symbolize the three components of the revolutionary motto with blue symbolizing freedom, white representing equality, and red representing brotherhood. Mayotte also has an unofficial flag. The flag is white with the coat of arms in the middle and the name MAYOTTE inscribed in red above the coat of arms. The coat of arms bears the colors of the flag of France.

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