The Republic of Malawi has a presidential representative and democratic type of government. The president is head of government and chief of state, and is also the head of executive arm while the judiciary is independent. Malawi has a unicameral parliament consisting of 193 members of parliament. The speaker is the head of Congress. The current constitution used in Malawi was promulgated in 1995 and has been amendmed in parliament.

In Malawi, any person aged 18 years and above is allowed to vote in general elections while foreign citizens who have lived in Malawi for seven years are allowed to vote as well. The president and his deputy are elected for a five-year term. The president is also allowed to appoint a second vice president who must come from a different party. To win, one must attain a simple majority of votes cast. Members of parliament are elected for a five-year term. Elections are held after every five years.

The parliament building of Malawi is located in Lilongwe Capitol Hill along the presidential way. It was built in 2009 from a design by the Beijing architectural design institute in China.

There are over 40 political parties that are currently registered in Malawi. The most popular of these include the People's Party, the Malawi Congress Party, the United Democratic Front, and the Democratic Progressive Party.

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