The capital city of Malawi is Lilongwe. It is centrally located in Malawi, close to the borders of Zambia and Mozambique in the Lilongwe district. The city was renamed after the Lilongwe River. The city gained its capital status in 1975 under President Hastings Banda. He moved the city from Zomba to its current location.

According to 2015 statistics, Lilongwe had a population of 1,077,116 inhabitants. The city center had a population density of 3,830 people per square mile while metropolitan area has a density of 3,624 people per square mile. The figures show the city has a higher population compared to the larger metropolitan areas.

A tour of the old parliament buildings in Malawi is a popular choice for tourists who wish to learn about the politics of Malawi. Another must-see sight is Mount Mulanje. It possess cliffs, waterfalls, clear streams and beautiful swimming holes.

Lilongwe experiences a humid subtropical climate throughout the year. The warm seasons starts form September to November with the warmest month being October. The cold seasons starts from June to August with July being the coldest month in the city. Rainfall in the city is experienced from October to May with January receiving the highest precipitation in the year. The best months to visit the city are from late April to mid-October with temperatures favorable for outdoor activities.

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