The government of the Republic of Madagascar can be termed as representative and semi-presidential. The president heads the state and the prime minister is the leader of the government. The island has an inclusive multi-party structure. The government is divided into three arms including the executive, judiciary, and legislature branches. The president and the prime minister make up the executive, while the legislature is a bicameral made up of the Senate and the national assembly.

Elections in Madagascar are carried out nationally every five years, and those eligible are allowed to vote. The presidential elections are held in two rounds. The first round involves all presidential aspirants, while the second round involves the two top most aspirants from the first round to finally get a president. The president is accorded two five year terms. The president appoints the prime minister. The parliament of Madagascar is bicameral, and it has a national assembly, also known as the lower house and the Senate is the upper house. The two houses have 184 seats. 151 seats are given to the national assembly and 33 to members of the Senate. The constituents elect the national assembly members, and they hold office for five years. The Senate consists of 33 members, 22 elected members, each one representing a district in Madagascar and 11 nominated by the president.

Madagascar's parliament building is situated near the Anosy and Mahamasina environs in the island’s capital of Antananarivo. The building was constructed in 1960. The official home of the president is the Lavoloa palace which is located nine miles south of Antananarivo. Lavoloa palace was built to look like the historical Rova of Antananarivo, which was residence to the king of the Merina Kingdom. Ambohitsorohitra Palace, also located in Antananarivo, is supposed to be a presidential home but the palace is only symbolic.

The current government of Madagascar was formed by the New Forces for Madagascar (HVM) party. Other political parties in Madagascar include AKFM/ Fanavaozana, AVANA, Judged by your work party (AVI), FANORENANA, GRAD iioafo, Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT), and Activists for Madagascar Progress (MFM). There are also Madagascar for the Malagasy (MONIMA), Parti Federaliste de Madagascar (PFM), Rebirth of the Social Democratic Party (RPSD), New (RPSD- Vaovao), Tiako I Madagasikara (TIM), Tanora Malagasy Vonona (TGV), and Toamasina Tonga Saina (TTM).

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