The Macedonian flag, also known as the new sun of liberty, is rectangular in shape with the proportion of 2:1. The flag has two colors: red and yellow. It is characterized by a red field with eight stylish yellow rays of sun that are narrow in the middle but widen towards the edges symmetrically. The flag depicts eight yellow-rayed sun on a red background. It was adopted on October 5, 1995.

The flag of Macedonia generally symbolizes the freedom and liberty that came with gaining independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. The rays of the sun are considered to be a new dawn for the country. The red background represents the struggle citizens went through in the struggle for independence as a colony.

The flag was designed by Professor Miroslav Grcev in 1994, emerging the winner in a competitive process which included 9 other proposals. The flag was only adopted after one year of dispute with Greece concerning the use of the Vergan sun which Greece claimed was their symbol. Despite a number of challenges and opposition, the flag was voted in by the majority members of the assembly with the citizens overwhelmingly accepting the flag.

The first Macedonian flag was red in color with a golden five-edged star on it. The flag was used between 1944 and 1946 when the country was called Democratic Federal of Macedonia. Between 1946 and 1992, a modified version of the first flag was used. The flag had the five-pointed golden star on the upper hoist side. In 1992, the Vergina sun symbol was incorporated in the flag, at the center of a red background with eight outstanding rays and eight minor rays originating from the middle and narrowing as they move towards the edges.

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