The capital city of Liberia is called Monrovia. The city which was named after the former US president James Monroe, who supported its colonization, is located on the Atlantic Coastline of Cape Mesurado. The city’s growth dates back to 1822, when it was selected as a settlement for the freed slaves from the US and the Caribbean Islands.

Monrovia is the largest and the most populous city in Liberia. As of the 2008 census conducted in Liberia, the city of Monrovia has a population of 1,010,970 inhabitants. The city’s population accounts for approximately 29% of the total population of Liberia. The population of Monrovia proper is more concentrated than the population of the suburbs and the outskirts.

Monrovia has a number of sites that have made it one of the top tourist destination and cultural centers in Liberia. The most notable tourist attraction sites in the city include Liberian National Museum, Masonic Temple, and the Waterside Market. Being located on the coastline, the city of Monrovia has a considerable number of beaches that keep the flow of local and international tourists into the city consistent throughout the year.

The city of Monrovia experiences a tropical monsoon climate. The city receives an abundant amount of rainfall all year round. The average amount of rainfall is approximately 4,624 mm per annum. Because of the high rainfall, Monrovia is considered one of the wettest capital cities in the world. There are two seasons, dry and wet seasons. The average temperature is approximately 26.4 degrees Celsius.

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