The government of Laos is a democratic republic. It is one of the few remaining nations in the world that upholds communism. The state has a one party government - this is because the 1957 Laos constitution allows only a single party to be in use. The Lao People's Revolutionary Party is composed of the president, who is the head of state, as well as the general secretary of the party. The head of government, who is the prime minister, is also a member of the party. The rest of the members of the revolutionary party are military personnel

The head of government in Laos is the prime minister, while the de-facto leader of the republic of Laos is the general secretary of the party and the president of the republic of Laos. Any important governing or decision making is carried out by the Lao People's Revolutionary Party as well as the 49 members of the central committee. However, important decisions must be checked and vetted by the council of ministers.

The National Assembly was introduced in its current form by the 1997 constitution of Laos. The assembly came as a replacement for the Supreme People's Assembly. The National Assembly is located in the capital city of Vientiane. Currently, the Assembly is composed of 149 seats.

The members of the National Assembly serve in office for a five year term. The Lao People's Revolutionary Party is the only active political party in Laos.

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