The flag of Laos contains contains three horizontal stripes. The top and the bottom strieps are red, while the center stripe is blue. According to the flag design standards, the middle strip is supposed to be twice the width of the bottom and the top stripes. At the center of the blue stripe is a white dot or disc. The current flag that is in use was adopted in 1975.

The red, blue and white colors of the flag of Laos have meaning. The white disc is a symbolism of the peace and unity of the citizens of the state. It also represents the future well-being of Laos and its citizens. The flag's red color symbolizes the bloodshed on both sides of Mekong River when a multi-ethnic conflict and clashes erupted between the people of Laos and the French colonizers. Finally, the blue strip is a symbol of the river itself.

Maha Sila Viravong designed the flag and stated the meaning and symbolism of every color and shape on the flag. The designing took place in 1945. Maha Sila Viravong was a famous Laso nationalist and scholar. According to the designer, the colors format and shape of the flag was inspired by Thailand's flag which was adopted in 1917.

In the past, before the adoption of the current flag, Laos had a red flag with a white elephant printed on it. Even prior to this, Laos had another flag with nine folded umbrellas. The umbrellas were a significant symbol of the royal family and the kingdom as a whole.

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