Kuwait city is located on the Kuwait Bay which is well known as a deep water natural harbor. 90% of the entire population of Kuwait lives within a fair distance of Kuwait Bay. Like the remainder of the country of Kuwait, the elevation of Kuwait City is quite low, at barely 1,000 feet above sea level.

Around 2.4 million people live in Kuwait City when its metropolitan areas are considered. This is nearly as many citizens as there are in Kuwait (Kuwait as a whole is home to around 2.6 million people).

Kuwait City is a sophisticated and exciting city. The capital contains excellent museums, great infrastructure, and ancient mosques. Many tourists are attracted to the city. The architecture and design of the city were inspired by the culture and traditions of the country. Therefore, the building was constructed in a beautiful and a unique Arabic design. The ancient palace of As-Seef was erected in early 1896; it is located in the old region of Kuwait City.

According to the Koppen climate organization, the environment of Kuwait is classified as hot desert. The city is considered the hottest capital city in the entire world. During the summer, temperatures as high as 57 degrees Celsius are recorded. However, the heat varies according to the waves and storms. Sandstorms are experienced year-round, particularly during the summer, brought about by the Shamal winds.

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