Kenya is a representative parliamentary democratic republic. It has a multi-party system with the several political parties battling against each other for the number of seats in both the Senate and the National Assembly. The Government of Kenya is the National Government of the Republic of Kenya composed of 47 counties, each having a semi-autonomous government. The national government is divided into three arms, namely the legislature, executive, and judiciary. The president of Kenya is both the head of state and government.

General elections in Kenya are held after every five years. Only registered voters, are eligible to vote for the various positions including president, governors, senators, members of parliament, women Representatives, and Members of the County Assembly. The presidential candidate chooses his running mate during the party nomination. The body that conducts elections in Kenya is the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). The president and the governors can only hold office for a maximum of two terms.

The parliament of Kenya is bi-cameral. The Upper House is the Senate, composed of 67 Senators (47 elected and 20 nominated senators) whereas the Lower House is the National Assembly, consisting of 349 members (337 elected and 12 nominated members).. The Parliament Buildings of Kenya are located in the Nairobi’s central business district, along the Parliament Road. The building neighbors the famous Uhuru Park, Holy Family Basilica Minor, and the Kenyatta International Convention Center. The official residence of the president, referred to as the State House, is located in the country’s capital Nairobi while the official office of the president known as Harambee House is located in the CBD, next to the parliament building.

There are a number of political parties who are currently active in Kenya. Some of the most prominent parties include the National Alliance and the United Republican Party.

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