Kazakh is a part of the Kipchak and the Turkic linguistic family. The family is composed of several other languages, some of which are spoken in a minor extend within the country. The Kazakh languages are written in the Kazakh alphabet which comprises of the Latin and the Cyrillic scripts. The official language of Kazakhstan is spoken over a very wide region; from the western shores of Caspian to the Tian Shan. The language is spoken by more than 10 million people within the country and its surrounding areas.

Kazakhstan is a multilingual country. Some of the minority languages spoken include Nogai and Kyrgyz. Kazakh, which is the official language of the country, is mainly spoken within the regions of Turkestan and Anatolia. Within the borders of the country, the minorities are spoken while the official Kazakh language is spoken at the interior parts of the nation. The regions where the Kazakh language is spoken include the capital city of the state and other major cities.

Some useful Kazakh phrases include "Qoş, keldiñiz!" which means welcome, "Sälem!" which means "hello", and "Qalıñız qalay?" which means "how are you?". Some common Russian phrases include "Dobro požalovat'!" for "welcome", "Privet!" for "hello", and "Kak dela?" for "how are you?".

According to the Kazakhstan constitutional laws, minority languages are valid and protected. Some of the minority languages include Ukrainian which is spoken by 898,000 people, the German language which is spoken by 958,000 inhabitants and the Uyghur language which is spoken by 300,000.

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