Kazakhstan has a presidential administration. This means that the president makes the major essential decisions. The president of Kazakhstan appoints all the ministers, and is also the commander of the armed forces. The president also has the power to veto the decisions made in parliament.

Elections in Kazakhstan are conducted to elect the president and members of parliament. The parliament is divided into two parts, the lower and the upper house. Each of the two houses can serve in office for a five-year term. Citizens of the nation are given a chance to choose what method they want to use during voting, either electronic or paper methods. Moreover; when the paper method is used in the ballot boxes are designed colorless to reduce the situations where the elections are rigged.

The Kazakhstan parliament is located in the nation's capital city of Astana. The building is composed of an assembly known as Mazhilis. It has 77 seats of which the members are elected for a four-year term. 67 of the assembly are a single constituency, and the rest is proportional representation. The national assembly building was constructed in the year 1995. The official residence of the chief of defence forces is located within the city boundaries.

Current active parties in Kazakhstan include the Nationwide Social Democratic Party, the Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan, the Communist Party of Kazakhstan, and the Village Social Democratic Party.

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