The flag of Iran is made up of three identically sized horizontal stripes (green, white, and red) with the national emblem of the country in the center in red. Additionally, the Takbir, a common phrase in Islam, is imprinted 11 times along the bottom edge of the green stripe and 11 times along the top side of the red strip. This contemporary flag of Iran was adopted by the country on 29 July 1980 as a reflection of the previous year's Islamic Revolution.

The colors and symbols of the Iranian flag have great meaning within the Iranian and Persian culture. First, the green stripe on the flag represents growth, happiness, nature, the Persian language, and unity. The white stripe symbolizes freedom and the red stripe has connotations to martyrdom as well as bravery, life, and sophistication. The emblem of Iran is featured prominently in the centre of the flag, and this design consists of four crescents and a sword and symbolizes the word “Allah” in stylized Persian alphabet characters. This particular symbol was adopted as just a couple of months before the flag was officially recognized. The Takbir on the flag of Iran signifies the relationship of the country with the Islamic faith.

The design of the flag of Iran was a culmination of Islamic symbols being added to previous symbols and colors of the nation. The emblem of Iran was designed by Hamid Nadimi in 1980 and was given official approval by the Grand Ayatollah Khomeini during May of the same year. The emblem would officially become a symbol of the government on 29 July 1980 when the new flag was unveiled. The current flag used this emblem as well as the Takbir to replace earlier symbols that reminded the new Islamic government of past colonial oppression.

The new government of Iran during 1979 and early 1980 decided that the "Lion and Sun" symbol represented a demonized Western monarchy and needed replacement. Despite the logo having associations with many of the nation's Shi'a Muslims, it was replaced with the emblem designed by Hamid Nadimi. The tricolor design of the flag has been recorded as early as 1886, and every flag of Iran has used the green-white-red combination since this time.

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