Saint Peter Port is located on Guernsey's east coast. The town has been significant in trading activities since the 13th century. The town has a population of 18,207 people compared to the total country’s population of 63,026. Saint Peter Port has a lot to offer regarding tourism. It is home to historical gardens, its sea front, and the clobbered streets.

Saint Peter Port had a population of 18,207 people as of the year 2014. The medial age for males is 40 years while that for females it is 42 years.

Saint Peter Port is a leisure center, attracting both domestic and foreign tourists. Its spectacular features include the sea front which is very beautiful, as well as the presence of historical gardens and patched streets. Interesting sites include The Castle Cornet, which has been towering over the Island for the last 800 years. It serves as a great background for music festivals and theatrical productions.

The climate in Saint Peter Port is warm and temperate. It gets an adequate amount of rain during the year. The difference between its driest month which is July and its wettest month being December is 63mm of rain. For some regions the 42mm of rain in July is enough to sustain vegetation. The hottest month of the year in Saint Peter Port is August.

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