Greenland's government is a constitutional monarchy with the Queen as the head of the state. The Queen has executive powers and rules with the help of a prime minster. Additionally, the government possesses a parliamentary democracy known as the Parliament of Greenland. Greenland has had a self-governing overseas administrative division of Denmark since 1979. Its government constitutes the Executive, the Legislative, and Judicial powers. The Executive comprises of the prime minister, who is the head of government, the cabinet, and the multi-party system. The Queen is also part of the executive. She is the head of state in Greenland.

The Legislative house has 31 members who are elected for a four-year term by proportional representation. For example in the case of the previous elections, the government was formed by 26 members from the government allied parties and 5 members from the opposition. Election of these members occurs at national level. The Greenlanders have a multi party system, where parties work together in coalitions in order to gain power. Single parties can not gain power by themselves. The elections are conducted by an election board after every four years.

The Parliament of Greenland was established in 1979. The members of the house meet at Inatsisartut. The location of the Inatsisartut is on the islet of Nuuk Center in Central Nuuk. The Prime Minister of Greenland resides at his official residence at B-29 in the Capital city of the country, Nuuk. Previously, he resided at the Hans Egede House, Nuuk. Queen Margrethe II executes her powers from the Kingdom of Denmark at her official residence called Amalienborg Palace. Amaleinborg Palace plays the double role of workplace and residence for the queen. Specifically, the queen inhabits the Christian IX’s Palace within Amalienborg Palace. Amalienborg Palace was built in the 1750s by an architect known as Nicolai Eigtved. Earlier on, there existed the Christianborg Palace that was destroyed in 1794.

Some of the political parties in Greenland include the Social Democratic Forward, the Democrats, the Unionist Party, and Community of the People.

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