The Government of Greece, or the Hellenic Republic, is a parliamentary republic with the President as the Head of State and the Prime Minister as the Head of Government. There is also a Ministerial Council composed of the Ministers, Deputy Ministers, and Prime Minister. The Ministerial Council is the main decision-making body that forms part of the government. Although most powers lie with the Prime Minister, the President represents the state in its international affairs and appoints the Prime Minister and members of the government. Further, the Judicial arm is independent and makes decisions in the name of the people.

Ordinarily, Greek elections are held every four years with citizens aged 17 years, and above are eligible to vote while citizens aged 25 years and above may run as a candidate. The Greek Parliament has 300 members elected for a four-year term. Also, out of the 56 constituencies, the party that garners the highest number of votes gains a bonus of 50 seats and assumes office. After that, the party president becomes the Prime Minister and picks a cabinet. The president is not elected by the people, but rather by the parliamentary deputies for five-year terms. Voting typically takes place in school buildings, on a Sunday. Consequently, students are given a four-day weekend off. A presiding judge or attorney-at-law is in charge of the voting process.

The Maximos Mansion is the official seat of the Prime Minister. The building is in downtown Athens at Herodes Atticus Street 19, next to the National Gardens of Athens and the Presidential Mansion. Alexandros Michalinos, a wealthy shipowner, established the Maximos Mansion in 1912 though politician Dimitrios Maximos completed its construction in the early 1920s. The building was also used to house the German Admiral during the Nazi Occupation of Greece (1941-1944). Meanwhile, the Presidential Mansion nicknamed the New Royal Palace is the home of the President of Greece. Ernst Ziller was the architect behind the building and is responsible for over 700 buildings all over Greece. The Presidential Mansion is at Herodou Attikou Street, right at the center of the political and social life of Greece. Construction of the building begun in 1891 and completed six years later.

Typically, the New Democracy party and the Panhellenic Socialist Movement have been the most dominant political parties of Greece. Other parties include the Communist Party of Greece, the Coalition of the Radical Left, and the Popular Orthodox Rally.

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