The official language used in Ghana is English. English is the language of instruction in schools. It is also the language used in government affairs, media, and business affairs. English is an Indo-European language belonging to the West Germanic group. English consists of a Latin alphabet that has 26 letters. The letters exist in both upper and lower cases and are the same as those found in the ISO basic Latin alphabet. The most widely spoken language in Ghana is Akan.

What Are the Linguistic Demographics?

The most large language group in Ghana is Akan who is 47.5% of Ghana’s population. Dagbani is spoken by 16.6% of the people while Ewe is spoken by 13.9% of the people. French is spoken by about 13% of Ghanaians. Other languages include Gurma (5.7%), Fulani (5%), Guan (3.7%), and Bissa (1.1%).

What Are Some Common Useful Phrases?

Some of the common Twi phrases include; “Wo din de sεn?” meaning “What is your name?”, “Wo ho te sεn?” meaning “How are you?”, “Woadi mfeε ahe?” meaning “How old are you?”, “Me ho ye” meaning “I am fine".

Which Minority Languages Are Spoken?

Minority languages include immigrant languages such as Chinese, Hausa, Hindi, Lebanese, and Yoruba. It also consists of the sign languages like Ghanaian Sign Language, Adamorobe Sign Language, and Nanabin Sign Language.

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