French Guiana is an overseas department of France. The government of France, therefore, governs the provisions and the affairs of the French Guiana Government. Under the control of the French government, is the Guianese Local Government. The local government is a representative democracy with a multi-party system. Leaders are elected to represent citizens in both the local parliamentary houses and in France. Leaders from different political parties compete for the parliamentary seats. The parties can come together to form a coalition governments.

Two elected officials represent the French Guianese in the National Assembly and in the Senate of France. 51 members are elected to represent the people in the local Assembly. 31 members are elected to the Regional Council for a four-year term. The Members elected to the General Assembly serve for a six-year term. The Universal adult suffrage is applied in the elections.

The official residence of the appointed prefect is the Prefecture. The Prefecture of French Guiana is located in Cayenne. The General Council and the Regional Council located in Cayenne are the parliamentary houses in French Guiana. The General Council is the executive assembly of the country. Leaders are elected to the two houses to represent people.

Political parties from mainland France operate in French Guiana. Other, more regionally-focused political parties include the Guianese Socialist Party and the Decolonization and Social Emancipation Movement.

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