Where is French Guiana?

French Guiana is an island nation.

The capital city of French Guiana is Cayenne. Cayenne is located on the banks of the estuary of the Cayenne River. During the colonization of Cayenne, the city grew rapidly. The French made the city its penal colony, which saw its growth blossom. In the past few decades, Cayenne has experienced a dramatic population increase. The rapid population increase is attributed to improved health facilities, high immigration and high birth rates. The population of the Cayenne metropolitan area is higher than the population of the Cayenne population. The climate of Cayenne is a tropical monsoon climate. The city is mostly wet. September and October are the only dry months in the city.

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French Guiana is a South American country covering 83,534.00 km2.. Cayenne is the capital city.

Its ISO code is GF.

French Guiana has a mean elevation of 0 m above sea level.

French is the official and most widely spoken language in French Guiana. French is an Indo-European language that falls under the Romance group of languages. It has 26 letters, with a few variations on the letters, especially the accents on the vowels and uses Latin Script in its writing. French is spoken all over French Guiana, for both official and casual purposes. The French dialect that is dominant in French Guiana is the French Guianan Creole. The dialect almost resembles the Antillean Creole apart from the variations in their grammar. The standard French and the French Guianan are mostly distinguished by the pronunciation and the utilization of the sound /r/.

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The dialing code for the country is 594.

The currency of French Guiana is the Euro (EUR).

French Guiana is an overseas department of France. France is in charge of regulating the provisions of the government of French Guiana. French Guiana, however, has its own local government that runs its internal affairs. The local government of French Guiana is a representative democracy with a multi-party system. The two parliamentary are the General Council and the Regional Council. Two members are elected to represent the French Guianese in French Senate and two in the National Assembly. The head of the local government is the Prefect. The prefect is usually appointed by the President of France. The prefect represents the president of France. The official residence of the prefect is the prefecture in Cayenne. Otherwise, the leader of the General Council is seen as the head of the local government. 51 members are elected to represent the people in the local Assembly while 31 members are elected to the Regional Council for a four-year term. The Members elected to the General Assembly to serve for a six-year term. The Universal adult suffrage is applied during the elections.

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Being an overseas territory of France, French Guiana uses the flag of France. The flag of France is tricolor, consisting of three vertical bands of blue, white, and red. The bands are of equal width while the proportion of the flag is 2:3. French Guiana adopted the French flag in 2015. The blue, white, and red colors are the colors of France while blue and red are the colors of Paris and Virgin Mary, the patroness of France. The three colors stand for freedom, equality, and brotherhood. The blue and red cockade was adopted on July 13, 1789, when Paris militia was formed and presented to King Louis XVI on July 17. A red-white-blue flag was approved by the Constituent Assembly on October 24, 1790, while the order was reversed to blue-white-red on February 15, 1794. In 1901, the territory adopted a flag consisting of three horizontal colors of blue, red, and green with a brown boat full of gold. a bicolor flag of green and yellow triangles with a five-pointed star on the border of the two colors was adopted in 2010.

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