The Falkland Islands is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democratic state. The monarch is the head of state. The governor assumes the executive authority on behalf of the monarch. The Chief Executive, appointed by the governor, is the head of government. Being an independent territory of Britain, the Queen of Britain is the head of state of Falkland Islands.

Elections are held in the Falklands every four years. The appointed Governor has a duty of dissolving the parliament before the campaigns for the next elections are conducted. Elections are held to elect eight members of the Legislative Assembly. Five of the members are elected to represent Stanley, and three to represent the countryside, referred to as the Camp. Most candidates contest the seats independently since there are no active political parties in the island.

The official residence of the governor of Falkland is referred to as the Government House. The stone house, which is located in Stanley, was built in 1845. It was where Sir Ernest Shackleton stayed during his expedition. The Queen resides in the Buckingham Palace in London. The Legislative office of Falkland Island is located in Stanley. It is unicameral and composed of eight elected members. The members are elected using the block system of voting.

There are no active political parties in the Falkland Islands. All of whom run in the elections run as non-partisan citizens.

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