The capital city of the Falkland Islands is Stanley. Stanley is located on the East Island. The city is also referred to as Port Stanley. Initially, the capital city of the Falkland Islands was Port Louis. Governor Moody decided to look for a deep port for anchorage of ships. Port Stanley was found to be suitable for anchorage. It was therefore designated as the territory’s capital in July 1845.

Stanley is the most populated region in the country. As per the census carried out in the Falkland Island in 2012, Stanley has a population of 2,121, more than three-quarters of the total population as the whole territory has a population of approximately 2,841. Most of the dwellers of Stanley are concentrated in the city center. The population diminishes gradually as you get into the outskirts of the city.

Stanley is a top tourist destination in the Falkland Islands.The tourism industry is the second top employer after the government. The major sites keep the inflow of tourists strong, especially international tourists. Whenever a tourist ship docks on the port, a large number of tourist fill the city. In fact, it is common for the tourists to outnumber the locals of the city. Among the topmost tourist magnets in Stanley are Gypsy Cove and Cape Pembroke.

The climate of Stanley is described as a subpolar oceanic climate.The temperatures of the city are very low and usually go above 10 degrees Celsius for only two months every year. January and February are the warmest months in the city. The westerly wind that often blows into the city have a great influence on the climate of the city. The average rainfall received in Stanley is approximately 544 mm per annum. The city receives approximately 36.5% of possible sunshine per annum.

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