The Dominican Republic exercises a representative democracy system of government. The framework of their government has the executive arm, the judicial arm, and the legislative arms of power. The executive arm of power has the President of the Republic and the Vice President. The President of the Dominican Republic is the head of the government, of the state and also the head of the multi-party system. The President is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic. Together with the Vice President, they appoint the cabinet to assist in governance. The National Judicial Council represents the judicial arm of government. The council appoints judges and executes the Civil Law system of judiciary. The Legislative arm has a two-house system of senators (Senado) and their deputies (Cámara de Diputados). The house takes the form of the House of Congress of the United States of America. The three arms of government are independent in executing their powers but also interdependent in the governance of the nation.

The National Election Tribunal holds two separate elections. The Presidential (and Vice- President) election is held separately from the election for the legislative representatives. The members of the House of Congress – the Senators and their deputies, are also elected for a four-year term of service like the President. Voters are capable of re-electing the members of the House of Congress for a consecutive term, unlike the president who is elected for only one term. The members of the House of Congress are elected based on their representation of the population at an election where only people who are 18-year-old and above are eligible to vote.

The Legislative house, also known as the Congress, is based in the capital city of Dominican Republic called Santo Domingo. Danilo Medina stays in the official residence of the President at the National Palace which is also found in the Capital city, Santo Domingo

The political parties of the Dominican Republic include the Dominican Liberation Party, the Modern Revolutionary Party, the Partido Reformista Social Cristiano, the the Movimiento Democratico Alternativo.

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