The flag of the Dominican Republic displays a large white cross that stretches to the edges of the flag and divides it into four rectangles. The flag has a small coat of arms resting at the center of it. The upper rectangles have the left side colored with the ultramarine blue while the right side is colored vermillion red. The bottom rectangles have vermillion red on the left side and ultramarine blue on the right side. The Dominican Republic flag was designed by one of the country’s founding fathers, Juan Pablo Duarte. The flag was officially adopted in 1844 and first flown by the hand of Dominican activist, Francisco del Rosario Sánchez.

The blue color of the flag represents the sky. It also represents the liberty of the people. The red color stands for the blood that was shed by the heroes during the fight for the independence of the country. The white color symbolizes the salvation, peace, and union of the people of Dominican Republic.

Juan Pablo Duarte, one of the founding fathers of the Dominican Republic, was responsible for the design of the national flag of the country. Duarte supplied the idea, while work was done by Concepción Bona and María Trinidad Sánchez. Mr. Duarte was a very liberal politician whose birthday is commemorated by the Dominicans on 26th of January of every year. He has a memorial statue that stands in Roger Williams Park in Providence, Rhode Island. In his honor, a bronze statue of him was also raised at the intersection of Canal Street and 6th Avenue in New York City.

Historically, from 1844 to 1849, the flag of the Dominican Republic was similar to the current design, but without certain modifications. The initial flag had the white cross running to the edges and dividing the flag into four. It also had the upper rectangles colored blue, and the bottom rectangles red. Also, it did not have the coat of arms. All the modifications seen in the current national flag were those made at the time of the country's independence from the Republic of Haiti.

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